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Candice Swanepoel

It never get's old looking at Candice Swanepoel.

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TPSG Top 10 Movies of 1987

Continuing with my look at the best movies of years gone by.

Top 10 Movies of 1987:
  1. Full Metal Jacket - Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin
  2. The Princess Bride - Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin
  3. Lethal Weapon - Mel Gibson, Danny Glover
  4. Less Than Zero - Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr, 
  5. No Way Out - Kevin Costner, Sean Young. 
  6. Good Morning, Vietnam - Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker
  7. Wall Street - Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas
  8. Fatal Attraction - Michael Douglas, Glenn Close
  9. Raising Arizona - Nicholas Cage, Holly Hunter
  10. House of Games - Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna
Look at that list, 1987 was a great year for movies!  Stanley Kubrick made a masterpiece in "Full Metal Jacket", the brutality of war really sticks with you after watching this one, the performances of R Lee Ermey & Vincent D'Onofrio were also truly unforgettable.  "The Princess Bride" is hilarious and the cast is great, it's a film a whole family can enjoy, I loved it.  Back when he was sane, Mel Gibson made some very entertaining movies, "Lethal Weapon" being one of them.  "Less Than Zero" is one of those rare movies that will stick with you for awhile.  I'm still shocked by the ending of "No Way Out".  "Good Morning Vietnam" was the perfect movie to fit Robin Williams talents.  Gordon Gekko is one of cinema's great characters, he and Charlie Sheen are fantastic in "Wall Street".  Married men everywhere had nightmares after watching "Fatal Attraction".  "Raising Arizona" was one of the Coen Brothers early gems.  If you like twists and turns, you'll love "House of Games".

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Seahawks 19, Cardinals 3

The Cardinals fell for only the second time this season, 19-3 today against the Seahawks in Seattle.  The Cardinals fall to 9-2 on the season.  The Cardinals still hold onto the number 1 seed in the NFC though.  It was clearly the Cardinals worst performance of the season, they struggled in all facets of the game today.  It was bound to happen though, hopefully they can right the ship and get back on track next week.  The Cardinals do still control their own destiny.  Shake it off Cards!


Packers 24, Vikings 21

The Vikings fell to the Packers 24-21 today in Minneapolis.  The Vikings fall to 4-7 on the season.  The Vikings just couldn't get a big stop when they needed one and their offense continued to slug along.  They really need some playmakers on both sides of the ball.  At least it was a much more competitive game than that shellacking the Vikings took back in early October.  Despite their record, you can see some clear progress being made, it's just going to take awhile to get there.


Gabriella Lenzi

She's gorgeous, she needs more PR!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Arizona State 52, Washington State 31

The Sun Devils knocked off Washington State 52-31 today at Sun Devil Stadium.  Arizona State improves to 9-2 on the season.  They are still in the running for the PAC12 South Championship, they will need a bit of help though.  Arizona State started out real slow in this one but once they started rolling they looked unstoppable.  It helped that Washington State kept shooting themselves in the foot too.  The Territorial Cup on Friday looms large for both ASU and the UA!

  • After trailing 21-7, ASU outscored WSU 45-10.  
  • That slow start from the Sun Devils offense had me worried
  • What can't D.J. Foster do?  Great talent! 
  • Taylor Kelly looks to be back in form.
  • Arizona State has been deadly in the red zone this season. 
  • Mike Leach really likes to throw the football
  • Arizona State does a real nice job of turning turnovers into points.
  • Total Yards:  Washington State 622, Arizona State 330
  • Rushing Yards:  Arizona State 98, Washington State 21
  • Passing Yards:  Washington State 601, Arizona State 232
  • Turnovers:  Washington State 5, Arizona State 0
  • Not having Jaelen Strong playing didn't help ASU today.  
  • Cameron Smith really stepped up his game today.
  • Did the early start time effect the Sun Devils??  
  • Arizona State needs to keep Jordan Simone healthy and on the field. 
  • Marcus Hardison was in beast mode today.
  • Zane Gonzales just continues to roll.  
  • Matt Haack is quietly having a nice season as punter for Arizona State.
  • Luke Falk is really flying under the radar.  Nice player. 
  • Screw you PAC12 Network!  Get a deal already! 
  • Up next?  @ Arizona this coming Friday!  

Minnesota 28, Nebraska 24

The Gophers went into Lincoln today and knocked off Nebraska 28-24.  The Gophers improve to 8-3 on the season.  I cannot recall a bigger win for this program in recent memory.  They were trailing 21-7 at the half, on the road, against a quality opponent, with their best player on the bench and they never quit, remarkable.  The Gophers are now just one upset win away from the Big Ten Championship game!  Now get that Axe!  Go Gophers!


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Obama/Democratic Agenda

My thoughts on the next 2 years for President Obama & the Democratic Party?
  • Elections do have consequences, just like the 2 elections that elected Barack Obama as President, the people put him in power and he needs to exercise his power, whether that's through more executive actions, or through his veto power.  
  • I was not a fan of the filibuster when the Republicans used it and I would not be a fan of the filibuster if used by the Democrats.  The Democrats needs to show America how congress is suppose to act and it's not by being a sore loser and blocking and obstructing anything and everything.  If you don't like a bill, just vote 'nay' on it and hope the President uses his veto power.  If the bill has broad bipartisan support and a veto can be overridden it's probably not a bad thing, let it pass and move on.  
  • Do not cave in on your principles to appease the Republicans, it's a mistake, it was a mistake for Bill Clinton, it would be a mistake for Barack Obama.  Things like immigration reform and the Keystone Pipeline come to mind. 
  • Hillary Clinton needs a Democratic opponent to run against her in the 2016 primary to keep her from moving too far to the middle.  The more populist that opponent the better.  In my opinion making inequality the driving force for 2016 is the way to go.  
  • Do not let the hawks on the right goad you into a bigger commitment in the Middle East. The ISIS problem needs to be dealt with by the Arab nations, not the U.S. otherwise it will be seen by many in the region as an illegitimate occupation and we will be right back where we started.  It's also long past time that region clean up their own radical Islamic problem anyways.  Go ahead and offer aid and air support, but no ground troops please! 
  • Don't worry about polls, most people don't vote anyways, just stick with your principles.  It's not like President Obama is running for re-election.  
  • Do not pass the Trans Pacific Partnership!  Have we learned nothing from NAFTA?  It's nothing but a gift to the 1% and a race to the bottom, that's the exact wrong direction for us to be moving.    

AZ Tidbits

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality

Are you listening Ted Cruz?

Or perhaps Al Franken can do a better job or explaining?

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