Saturday, November 22, 2014

Arizona State 52, Washington State 31

The Sun Devils knocked off Washington State 52-31 today at Sun Devil Stadium.  Arizona State improves to 9-2 on the season.  They are still in the running for the PAC12 South Championship, they will need a bit of help though.  Arizona State started out real slow in this one but once they started rolling they looked unstoppable.  It helped that Washington State kept shooting themselves in the foot too.  The Territorial Cup on Friday looms large for both ASU and the UA!

  • After trailing 21-7, ASU outscored WSU 45-10.  
  • That slow start from the Sun Devils offense had me worried
  • What can't D.J. Foster do?  Great talent! 
  • Taylor Kelly looks to be back in form.
  • Arizona State has been deadly in the red zone this season. 
  • Mike Leach really likes to throw the football
  • Arizona State does a real nice job of turning turnovers into points.
  • Total Yards:  Washington State 622, Arizona State 330
  • Rushing Yards:  Arizona State 98, Washington State 21
  • Passing Yards:  Washington State 601, Arizona State 232
  • Turnovers:  Washington State 5, Arizona State 0
  • Not having Jaelen Strong playing didn't help ASU today.  
  • Cameron Smith really stepped up his game today.
  • Did the early start time effect the Sun Devils??  
  • Arizona State needs to keep Jordan Simone healthy and on the field. 
  • Marcus Hardison was in beast mode today.
  • Zane Gonzales just continues to roll.  
  • Matt Haack is quietly having a nice season as punter for Arizona State.
  • Luke Falk is really flying under the radar.  Nice player. 
  • Screw you PAC12 Network!  Get a deal already! 
  • Up next?  @ Arizona this coming Friday!  

Minnesota 28, Nebraska 24

The Gophers went into Lincoln today and knocked off Nebraska 28-24.  The Gophers improve to 8-3 on the season.  I cannot recall a bigger win for this program in recent memory.  They were trailing 21-7 at the half, on the road, against a quality opponent, with their best player on the bench and they never quit, remarkable.  The Gophers are now just one upset win away from the Big Ten Championship game!  Now get that Axe!  Go Gophers!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama/Democratic Agenda

My thoughts on the next 2 years for President Obama & the Democratic Party?
  • Elections do have consequences, just like the 2 elections that elected Barack Obama as President, the people put him in power and he needs to exercise his power, whether that's through more executive actions, or through his veto power.  
  • I was not a fan of the filibuster when the Republicans used it and I would not be a fan of the filibuster if used by the Democrats.  The Democrats needs to show America how congress is suppose to act and it's not by being a sore loser and blocking and obstructing anything and everything.  If you don't like a bill, just vote 'nay' on it and hope the President uses his veto power.  If the bill has broad bipartisan support and a veto can be overridden it's probably not a bad thing, let it pass and move on.  
  • Do not cave in on your principles to appease the Republicans, it's a mistake, it was a mistake for Bill Clinton, it would be a mistake for Barack Obama.  Things like immigration reform and the Keystone Pipeline come to mind. 
  • Hillary Clinton needs a Democratic opponent to run against her in the 2016 primary to keep her from moving too far to the middle.  The more populist that opponent the better.  In my opinion making inequality the driving force for 2016 is the way to go.  
  • Do not let the hawks on the right goad you into a bigger commitment in the Middle East. The ISIS problem needs to be dealt with by the Arab nations, not the U.S. otherwise it will be seen by many in the region as an illegitimate occupation and we will be right back where we started.  It's also long past time that region clean up their own radical Islamic problem anyways.  Go ahead and offer aid and air support, but no ground troops please! 
  • Don't worry about polls, most people don't vote anyways, just stick with your principles.  It's not like President Obama is running for re-election.  
  • Do not pass the Trans Pacific Partnership!  Have we learned nothing from NAFTA?  It's nothing but a gift to the 1% and a race to the bottom, that's the exact wrong direction for us to be moving.    

AZ Tidbits

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality

Are you listening Ted Cruz?

Or perhaps Al Franken can do a better job or explaining?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Monday, November 17, 2014

You Didn't Build It!

Why can't anyone articulate this as well as Elizabeth Warren?

Well, except for George Lakoff of course.  Get it right Dems, it's a winner!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cardinals 14, Lions 6

The Cardinals defeated the Lions 14-6 today at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  The Cardinals improved to an NFL best 9-1 record on the season.  They now have a 3 game lead in the NFC West with just six games to go.  What a season they are having, even a quarterback change can't slow them down. The remaining schedule is pretty brutal, I think we are about to find out just how good this team is.  Nice win Cardinals!!!

  • Welcome back Michael Floyd!  2 touchdown receptions! 
  • The Cardinals have now won six games in a row.  
  • Drew Stanton is now 3-1 as a starting NFL quarterback!
  • The Cardinals never trailed in this one. 
  • Who the heck is Robert Hughes?  I think I like him.  
  • Was that Deone Bucannon's best game as a Cardinal?  
  • The Cardinals did a nice job of slowing down Calvin Johnson. 
  • Drew Stanton has got a nice arm, he can make all the throws. 
  • The Cardinals only averages 1.8 yards per rush, that has got to get better. 
  • First Downs:  Cardinals 18, Lions 11
  • Total Yards:  Cardinals 352, Lions 262
  • 2 sacks for Alex Okafor!  He is stepping up his game.
  • The Lions defense really stepped it up after the first quarter. 
  • Golden Tate was a nice pick up for the Lions. 
  • 9 penalties for 80 yards on the Lions. Weren't they suppose to be more disciplined?
  • Frostee Rucker is a very under the radar player for the Cardinals. 
  • The Cardinals have really dominated teams outside of the NFC West lately.
  • Great challenge by Bruce Arians on that Jeremy Ross punt return
  • Why did they put a retractable roof on the University of Phoenix Stadium again
  • Up next?  @ Seattle next Sunday to take on the Seahawks. 

Bears 21, Vikings 13

The Vikings fell to the Bears 21-13 today in Chicago.  The Vikings fall to 4-6 on the season.  It was a really putrid performance by the Vikings offense against a defense that had given up 50+ points in their last 2 games.  The defense wasn't much better, they just couldn't get off the field on third down and let Jay Cutler of all people carve them up.  On the bright side, the loss improves the Vikings draft prospects.  C'mon Vikes, you can do better!

  • The Vikings just cannot win in Chicago.  
  • Teddy Bridgewater's play had me pining for Matt Cassel
  • Those big Bear receivers wreaked havoc on the Vikings corners
  • Supposedly Kyle Rudolph returned to the Vikings active roster today.
  • I thought that Norv Turner was suppose to like to stretch the field
  • That fake punt by the Vikings was a thing of beauty
  • Why not throw past the first down marker on third down?  
  • Cordarrelle Patterson has been a real disappointment this season. 
  • First Downs:  Bears 24, Vikings 10
  • Third Down:  Bears 10-17, Vikings 2-11
  • Total Plays:  Bears 74, Vikings 46
  • Total Yards:  Bears 468, Vikings 243
  • Time of Possession:  Bears 38:38, Vikings 21:22
  • Teddy Bridgewater really likes to dump the ball off to his check down receiver. 
  • Matt Kalil really needs to figure things out and quick.  
  • I suspect that Jeff Locke will have some punting competition next summer. 
  • Someone needs to explain to me how a fumble is not a fumble.  
  • The Bears were killing the Vikings with all of those short quick passes
  • Why in the world would the Bears run Jay Cutler on 4th and short? 
  • The Bears had lost 5 of their last 6 before this game. 
  • The legal process has played out, it's time to free Adrian Peterson
  • Up next?  Packers @ TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. 

Dream Angels

Victoria's Secret keeps pumping out the great commercials!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oregon State 35, Arizona State 27

The Sun Devils fell to Oregon State 35-27 Saturday night in Corvalis to fall to 8-2 on the season.  The Devils are still in the running for the PAC12 South title but their national championship hopes were killed with this loss.  Playing in Corvalis on a cold November night was just too much for the Sun Devils.  This one really hurts too, they were in control at the half and let it slip away.  Ouch.

  • Those 2 big Oregon State touchdowns were a bad omen
  • Except for the outcomes, that second half was very reminiscent of last weeks game
  • Taylor Kelly had a very inconsistent night.  
  • Second half scoring:  Oregon State 21, Arizona State 3
  • ASU is now 23-1 under Todd Graham when leading at the half.
  • Oregon State had a much too easy time running the ball
  • That was a heckuva TD catch and run by Kody Kohl
  • Marcus Hardison has been a beast lately.  
  • D.J. Calhoun is having a nice freshman season for Arizona State.
  • I was underwhelmed by Sean Mannion.  Overrated?  
  • Arizona State has quite the high scoring defense
  • Taylor Kelly does have a knack for the pooch punt. 
  • Oregon State did a relatively nice job of keeping Jaelen Strong in check. 
  • That missed 27 yard field goal by Arizona State was a real killer
  • Taylor Kelly keeps climbing the ASU record books.  
  • Oregon State was pretty abysmal on third down.  1 of 12.  
  • I'm not sure about those all white Sun Devil uniforms
  • It was a very cold night in Corvalis.  Advantage Beavers. 
  • The Oregon State fans apparently aren't too keen on this Beavers team.
  • Up next?  Washington State next Saturday @ Sun Devil Stadium. 

Ohio State 31, Minnesota 24

The Gophers fall to Ohio State 31-24 today in frigid Minneapolis.  The Gophers fall to 7-3 on the season.  Minnesota had their chances but they seemed to shoot themselves in the foot quite a bit. They are so close, yet so far from taking that next step.  Still, that being said, Ohio State may be the best team the Gophers have faced this year (although TCU may argue that point) and they were within striking distance right down to the end.  Shake it off Gophers!  2 games to go.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Screw the Keystone Pipeline

Why on earth would congress pass this thing?

Why on earth would President Obama NOT veto it if it does pass?

Louis Brandeis

"We can either have Democracy in this country or we can great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few; but we can't have both."

Louis D. Brandeis
U.S Supreme Court Justice, 1916-1939