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U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball Team

The U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball team will be named soon.

This would be my 12 man roster.

C=DeMarcus Cousins
C=Andre Drummond

PF=Anthony Davis
PF=Kenneth Faried

SF=LeBron James
SF=Kevin Durant
SF=Kawhi Leonard

OG=Jimmy Butler
OG=Klay Thompson

PG=Stephen Curry
PG=Russell Westbrook
PG=Chris Paul

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Seth Curry, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbook would be the core of this team.  The question for these guys would be health and willingness to play (as most have played late into the playoffs).  

Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins appear to be the class of the Center position.  Anthony Davis can also fill in here.  If Drummond or Cousins were to bow out, you could look to Karl-Anthony Towns or Dwight Howard.

Anthony Davis is the class of the power forward spot (he can swing to the Center spot too).  Kenneth Faried provides some muscle upfront and was a key cog of the U.S.A. team that won the last World Championship, I don't know how you can leave him off the team.  Blake Griffin and Draymond Green should also get some consideration here.

The small forward spot is stacked with LeBron James and Kevin Durant.  You could swing either of those two to power forward too if you want to go fast.  I like Kawhi Leonard for his defense.  I'd have no problem adding Paul George to the mix here too.

At the off guard spot I like Jimmy Butler, he just may be the best two way player in the league.  Klay Thompson would provide outside shooting.   Both of these guys can also swing to the small forward spot if needed.   James Harden would be in the running here too.

At point guard, how do you not pick Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook?   I'd add Chris Paul too for his international experience and to give the team a more traditional point guard.  Others in the mix here would be Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and John Wall.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Seth Meyers on Hillary Emails

Thank you Seth Meyers for pointing out the obvious to the frothing media!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

AZ Tidbits

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Samantha Bee Feels the Turn

Samantha Bee puts Bernie Sanders and his supporters on blast.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald Trump Clinches Nomination

It appears that Donald Trump has unofficially clinched the GOP nomination for President of the United States.  What a sorry indictment of the U.S. political system.

What are we getting with a Trump nomination?   Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Well done GOP voters.  On the bright side, they have guaranteed a Hillary Clinton Presidency. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Know Thy Enemy

I'm a huge Bernie Sanders fan, I even voted for him in the recent Arizona Presidential primary.  What I'm not a huge fan of though are his supporters.  I love their passion, but they can't seem to see the forest for the trees.  I keep hearing comments from them about how the election is being stolen from Bernie Sanders, how Hillary Clinton is evil, how Hillary Clinton is Republican-lite, how they will never vote for her.  It really gets me blood boiling.  Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to be President and I will happily vote for her come November.

The whole idea that the Presidential primary has been stolen from Bernie Sanders is probably the most egregious claim.  The primary system has been in place for years, all the candidates knew the process before they got into the race, if they didn't like it they should have voiced their concerns prior to jumping into the race.  As for the Super Delegates, who do you think they should support, the long time loyal Democrat who has been a part of the party apparatus for years, or the candidate who reluctantly joined the Democratic party only to run for President?  Sure it sucks for the underdog, but Hillary has paid her dues and I don't have a problem with her being rewarded for it.  Perhaps Bernie should have joined the Democratic party years ago.  I also don't understand the argument about how Independents have been left out of the process.  If they wanted to be a part of the process, perhaps they should have joined a political party, don't you think?   Do you really want someone from outside of the party having a voice in the selection of the party's candidate for the highest office in the land anyways?   Besides that, Hillary Clinton has 3 million plus more votes than Bernie Sanders.

The argument that Hillary Clinton is Republican-lite also irks me.  She was the 11th most liberal member of the Senate while she was in Congress.  She fought for Universal Healthcare, she fought to stem climate change, she has been a long time fighter on women's health issues and she has moved left on issues like trade, LGBT rights and criminal justice reform.  She's actually very close to Bernie Sanders on a whole slew of issues.  And no, she did not vote for the Iraq war, the painting of her as a neo-con has got to stop.  We would have in no way gone to war in Iraq had she (or Al Gore for that matter) been President back in 2002.

What does that leave?  Attacks on Hillary Clinton's character?  If you believe them, any of them, you are rewarding 25+ years of Republican slander, I would have hoped that most progressives were better than that.  Bill & Hillary Clinton are perhaps the most investigated politicians ever.  Kenneth Starr looked under every nook and cranny trying to dig up dirt on them and all they could find was that Bill lied about getting a blow job.  Benghazi has been nothing but a political hit job meant to harm Hillary (and where was the concern over the embassy attacks under George W Bush?).   No charges have been filed against her with regards to the use of a private email server (and where was the concern over this when past Secretaries of State did the same thing?).  Please don't fall for the right wing slander.  As for the Wall Street donations, who among us would have turned down big money to give a speech?  Let's not vilify all of Wall Street either, they can play a vital part of an economy that benefits all of us.

If you want to know who the real enemy is you need look no further than the Republican Party.  By my estimation they are the ones responsible for almost all of the current problems facing this country.  Their tax cuts for the wealth expanded income inequality, their loosening of regulations resulted in the recent recession, their trade policies lead to the great exodus of jobs out of the country, they have weakened voter rights, they have exploded the debt, they have lied us into wars, they have turned their backs on the needy, they have worked to dismantle union membership, they have loosened gun laws, they have been working to take away a woman's right to choose, need I continue?   And some progressives consider Hillary Clinton the enemy?  Give me a break.

You could argue that none of the above problems would have occurred without Democratic help but I'm not buying that.  Sure Bill Clinton passed some shitty bills like NAFTA, welfare reform, CFMA and repealed the Glass-Stegal Act but the fact is, those were all Republican policies backed and passed mainly by Republican votes in congress.  If Bill Clinton had a Democratic majority in the house and Senate I think it's safe to say that none of them would have seen the light of day.  I know that Bill Clinton could have, and should have, vetoed them but he was trying to get things done in a time of massive gridlock in which congress was for the most part controlled by Republicans.  Same goes for Barack Obama, don't think for a second that he wouldn't have gotten more accomplished had he had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.  What I'm getting at here is that the real problem is that Democrats have a tendency to fail to show up and vote, especially in the mid term elections.  Why are we electing Democratic Presidents then hamstringing them with a congress that fights and obstructs them every step of the way?   If you are a Democrat and only vote once every four years, you are part of the problem (I'm looking at you Bernie Sanders supporters).

I know Bernie Sanders want to start a revolution, but let's face fact here, it's not going to start with a Bernie Sanders Presidency, he's got virtually no chance at this point.  So my question now becomes, why can't the Bernie Sanders revolution still move forward with Hillary Clinton as President?   Wouldn't that make more sense than waiting 4 years for the next election to run a Bernie Sanders clone?   Donald Trump could do a lot of damage in those 4 years, a SCOTUS appointment or 3 by Donald Trump would hamstring Democratic Presidents for decades to come.  Wouldn't it be much easier to overturn Citizens United with a liberal majority in the Supreme Court?   Wouldn't it be easier to get voting rights restored with a liberal majority in the Supreme Court?   Wouldn't it be easier to move forward without haphazardly getting ourselves into another war?   Do you really want to put off any action of climate change for another 4 years when we are at a tipping point in the fight against global warming?   A Hillary Clinton Presidency doesn't have to mean the end of the Bernie Sanders Revolution, you could still push for changes to the primary process with Hillary Clinton as President, you could still push for more progressive policies with Hillary Clinton as President, you can still support candidates who promote said policies with Hillary Clinton as President.  My advice?  Get involved, vote, work within the system and most importantly know thy enemy (hint, it's not the Democratic establishment).

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Monday, May 23, 2016

TPSG 2016 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone and the NBA Draft is sneaking up on us, so I thought that it would be a good time to post a mock draft.   Here goes:
  1. Philadelphia 76ers - Ben Simmons - SF - LSU
  2. Los Angeles Lakers - Brandon Ingram - SF - Duke 
  3. Boston Celtics - Dragan Bender - PF - Croatia 
  4. Phoenix Suns - Jaylen Brown - SF - California 
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves - Jamal Murray - OG - Kentucky
  6. New Orleans Pelicans - Kris Dunn - PG - Providence
  7. Denver Nuggets - Buddy Hield - OG - Oklahoma 
  8. Sacramento Kings - Henry Ellenson - PF - Marquette 
  9. Toronto Raptors - Marquese Chriss - PF - Washington
  10. Milwaukee Bucks - Jakob Poeltl - C - Utah
  11. Orlando Magic - Skal Labissiere - C - Kentucky
  12. Utah Jazz - Timothe Luwawu - SF - France
  13. Phoenix Suns - Deyonta Davis - PF - Michigan State 
  14. Chicago Bulls - Domontas Sabonis - PF - Gonzaga 
  15. Denver Nuggets - Taurean Prince - SF - Baylor
  16. Boston Celtics - Denzel Valentine - OG - Michigan State
  17. Memphis Grizzlies - Wade Baldwin - PG - Vanderbilt 
  18. Detroit Pistons - Tyler Ulis - PG - Kentucky 
  19. Denver Nuggets - Furkan Korkmaz - OG - Turkey
  20. Indiana Pacers - Brice Johnson - PF - North Carolina 
  21. Atlanta Hawks - Damien Jones - C - Vanderbilt 
  22. Charlotte Hornets - Malik Beasley - OG - Florida State 
  23. Boston Celtics - Ante Zizic - C - Croatia 
  24. Philadelphia 76ers - Malachi Richardson - OG - Syracuse
  25. Los Angeles Clippers - Dejounte Murray - OG - Washington 
  26. Philadelphia 76ers - Zhou Qi - C - China 
  27. Toronto Raptors - Juan Hermangomez - PF - Spain 
  28. Phoenix Suns - Thon Maker - PF - Australia 
  29. San Antonio Spurs - Cheick Diallo - PF - Kansas 
  30. Golden State Warriors - Stephen Zimmerman - C - UNLV 
Simmons & Ingram are without a doubt going 1-2, it's just a matter of who goes where. 
I'm guessing the Suns are hoping that Dragan Bender falls to number 4, if he doesn't, I'm guessing they go with the best frontcourt player still on the board (in this case that would be Jaylen Brown).  Kris Dunn is a possibility too if they want to go BPA, same with Henry Ellenson.  I would think the Suns would be happy though to come out of the draft with Jaylen Brown, Deyonta Davis and Thon Maker
I wouldn't be surprised if the Timberwolves try to use the 5th pick as part of a package to trade for a veteran player to help their young core.  If they hold onto the pick, I think they look at shooters and power forwards, to me that means either Jamal Murray, Buddy Hield or Henry Ellenson.  I could see them reaching for Marquese Chriss too, and don't rule out a defensive minded point guard like Kris Dunn either.  In other words, I have no idea.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Seth Meyers on Single Payer

I'm loving Seth Meyers "A Closer Look" segments.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

TPSG Top 100 Movie Roles

Don't take this as a ranking, just a list of the Top 100 Movies Roles.
  1. James Bond - Sean Connery
  2. Vito Corleone - Marlon Brando
  3. Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford
  4. Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks
  5. "Dirty" Harry Callahan - Clint Eastwood
  6. Tyler Durden - Brad Pitt
  7. Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamill 
  8. Darth Vader - David Prowse
  9. The Joker - Heath Ledger
  10. Hannibal Lecter - Anthony Hopkins
  11. Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski - Jeff Bridges
  12. Ace Ventura - Jim Carrey
  13. Ellen Ripley - Sigourney Weaver
  14. Michael Corleone - Al Pacino
  15. Jason Bourne - Matt Damon
  16. John McClane - Bruce Willis
  17. Rocky Balboa - Sylvester Stallone
  18. The Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  19. Ferris Bueller - Matthew Broderick
  20. Neo - Keanu Reeves 
  21. Travis Bickle - Robert DeNiro 
  22. Ron Burgundy - Will Ferrell
  23. Tony Montana - Scarface
  24. Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe
  25. Marty McFly - Michael J. Fox
  26. Tony Stark - Robert Downey Jr
  27. Lucas "Cool Hand Luke" Jackson - Paul Newman
  28. Frank Drebin - Leslie Nielson
  29. Napoleon Dynamite - Jon Heder
  30. Keyser Soze - Kevin Spacey
  31. Atticus Finch - To Kill A Mockingbird
  32. Jack Torrance - Jack Nicholson
  33. Jerry Lundegaard - William H Macy
  34. Norman Bates - Anthony Perkins
  35. Martin Riggs - Mel Gibson
  36. Sarah Connor - Linda Hamilton
  37. Lisbeth Salander - Noomi Rapace/Rooney Mara
  38. Rick Blaine - Humphrey Bogart
  39. Ben Obi Wan Kenobi - Alex Guinness
  40. George Bailey - James Stewart
  41. Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp
  42. Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers
  43. Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle - Gene Hackman
  44. William Munny - Clint Eastwood 
  45. Austin Powers - Mike Myers
  46. Gordon Gekko - Michael Douglas
  47. Randle Patrick McMurphy - Jack Nicholson
  48. Bill "The Butcher" Cutting - Daniel Day Lewis
  49. Anton Chigurh - Javier Bardem
  50. Henry Hill - Ray Liotta 
  51. Jules Winnfield - Samuel L Jackson
  52. Lloyd Christmas - Jim Carrey
  53. Tommy Callahan - Chris Farley
  54. Clark Griswold - Chevy Chase
  55. Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale
  56. Andy Dufresne - Tim Robbins 
  57. Alonzo Harris - Denzel Washington
  58. Hans Landa - Christoph Walz
  59. Ethan Hunt - Tom Cruise
  60. Patrick Bateman - Christian Bale
  61. Will Hunting - Matt Damon
  62. Maximus - Russell Crowe
  63. Frank Costello - Jack Nicholson
  64. Alex Foster - Glenn Close
  65. Axel Foley - Eddie Murphy
  66. Oskar Schindler - Liam Neeson
  67. John Rambo - Sylvester Stallone
  68. Leonard Shelby - Guy Pearce
  69. Benjamin Willard - Martin Sheen
  70. Mike McDermott - Mat Damon
  71. John H Miller - Tom Hanks
  72. Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels - Dustin Hoffman
  73. Colonel Nathan R Jessup - Jack Nicholson
  74. William Wallace - Mel Gibson
  75. Gunnery Sgt Hartman - R. Lee Ermey
  76. Ralphie Parker - Peter Billinglsy
  77. George Taylor - Charlton Heston
  78. Daniel LaRusso - Ralph Macchio 
  79. Jake LaMotta - Robert DeNiro
  80. Dr Malcolm Crowe - Bruce Willis
  81. Tony Manero - John Travolta
  82. Avner Kaufman - Eric Bana
  83. John Nash - Russell Crowe
  84. Chris Taylor - Charlie Sheen
  85. Howard Beale - Peter Finch 
  86. Daniel Plainview - Daniel Day-Lewis
  87. Reggie Dunlop - Paul Newman
  88. Mahatma Ghandi - Ben Kingsley 
  89. Martin Brody - Roy Scheider
  90. Ben Braddock - Dustin Hoffman
  91. Eddie Felson - Paul Newman
  92. John "Scottie" Ferguson - James Stewart
  93. Vincent Vega - John Travolta 
  94. Crash Davis - Kevin Costner 
  95. Jeremiah Johnson - Robert Redford
  96. "Mad Max" Rockatansky - Mel Gibson
  97. Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher - Chevy Chase
  98. Randy "The Ram" Robinson - Mickey Rourke
  99. Hans Solo - Harrison Ford
  100. Jeff Spicoli - Sean Penn

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