Thursday, October 20, 2016

John Oliver on Third Parties

Once again, a Brit is the voice of reason this American electoral season.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TPSG AZ General Election Endorsements

President of the United States - Hillary Clinton

U.S.  Senate - Ann Kirkpatrick

U.S. Congressional District 9 - Kyrsten Sinema
I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Sinema in this one.  She's become a bit of a blue dog but I guess it beats having another Republican in congress.  Just barely though.  I just wish someone had primaried her.

State Senate District 24 - Katie Hobbs

State Representative District 24 - Lela Alston & Ken Clark

Arizona Corporate Commission - Bob Burns, William Mundell & Tom Chabin
The Corporate Commission definitely deserves a housecleaning, these three would be a nice start.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors - Steve Chucri
The only Republican I'm voting for this year, he's running un-opposed though.  He's deserving of a vote just for putting himself out there and wanting to make a difference.

Maricopa County Assessor - Paul Peterson

Maricopa County Attorney - Diego Rodriguez
I'm no fan of his opponent Bill Montgomery.  This is no spot for an ideologue.

Maricopa County Recorder - Adrian Fontes
The County Recorder office under Helen Purcell seems to provide us with one blunder after another, it's time for some fresh blood.

Maricopa County School Superintendent - Michelle Robertson

Maricopa County Sheriff - Paul Penzone
Sheriff Joe Apraio is not deserving of another term, he has flaunted the law, targeting his enemies and cost the county tens of millions of dollars.  Time to go Joe.

Maricopa County Treasurer - Joe Downs

Central Arizona Water Conservation District - Alexandra Arboleda, Ben Graff, Rick Heumann, Jim Holway & Mark Lewis

Maricopa County Community College At Large - Linda Thor

Scottsdale Mayor - Jim Lane
Jim Lane has done nothing to anger me, I'm fine with him staying in office.  I'm also not a fan of his opponent Bob Littlefield, he come across as an old curmudgeon who is opposed to any and every type of progress.

Scottsdale City Council - Suzanne Klapp, Virginia Korte & Guy Phillips

Scottsdale Prop 490 - YES

Scottsdale Unified School  Schools - YES on Question 1, YES on Question 2

YES to retaining all judges with the exception of Jo Lynn Gentry

Proposition 205 - Marijuana Legalization - YES
It's time for a different approach to marijuana, we are wasting too much time, effort and money in the misdirected effort to criminalize it.  It's safer than alcohol, it's better than opiods, it floods our criminal justice system, it's all so unnecessary.  It's time to follow the lead of Colorado and Oregon and several other states and legalize and regulate it,

Proposition 206 - Increasing the Minimum Wage - YES
It's time to build an economy from the middle out.  Put money in people's pocket and they will be bound to spend it.  Keep their salaries low and they not only have no money to spend but they also need to depend upon public assistance to get by.  Seriously, what approach sounds better?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Cardinals 28, Jets 3

The Cardinals knocked off the Jets 28-3 tonight on MNF.   The Cardinals climb back to .500 with this win, they are now sitting at 3-3 on the season.  With 10 games still remaining on the schedule the Cardinals have put themselves back in a position to make a playoff run.  That's got to make a lot teams worried because when they are on their game not many teams are going to beat them.  Nice win Cardinals, keep it rolling!


SNL on Debate 2

Funny stuff from Saturday Night Live.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

TPSG Endorses Ann Kirkpatrick

The time has come for Arizona to shed it's red label, one way to do so is to rid the state of John McCain.  The Perpetually Single Guy thus officially endorses Ann Kirkpatrick for the U.S. Senate.
Ann Kirkpatrick is a University of Arizona grad, a former lawyer, a former Arizona state House Representative, and the current U.S. House Representative from Arizona's 1st District, she's highly educated and has a history of public service, she's well qualified to hold Arizona's U.S. Senate seat.  While her recent debate performance IMO was less than stellar (she left a lot on the table), I still agree with most of her stances on the issues and would love to see her in the U.S. Senate, especially considering it would mean toppling John McCain from his pedestal. 
John McCain on the other hand?  There was a time that I respected him, I liked his maverick approach to government, I even voted for him, and I never vote for Republicans.  Then he ran for President, and the maverick died.  In order to appease the far right wing base he had to adopt all of their crazy wingnut policies whether he agreed with them or not, he then inflicted Sarah Palin on the world.  Then he lost and became a bitter old man bent on destroying Barack Obama's Presidency so that he could tell the world "I told you so".   His approach to foreign policy is dangerous and deserving of further scrutiny.  His comments on Obamacare are misleading.  He's just plain wrong about so many things it's hard to keep track.  He has also been one of the chief obstructionists in congress over the past 8 years and I for one have no interest in rewarding him for that.  John McCain has been in the Senate long enough, it's time for him to go. 

Bill Maher on Undecided Voters

I'm glad someone is calling out the undecided voters.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Colorado 40, Arizona State 16

The Sun Devils fell to Colorado 40-16 tonight in Boulder.  Arizona State falls to 5-2 on the season with this loss.  Arizona State has been winning with smoke and mirrors for the most part this season, this game shouldn't have really surprised anyone, the better team clearly won tonight.  The Sun Devils really are who we thought they were, a young team with an inexperienced QB that struggles on the road.  On the bright side, lots of young guys are getting playing time and that should help the program moving forward.


Minnesota 31, Maryland 10

The Gophers went into Maryland today and came out with a 31-10 win over the Terapins.  Minnesota improves to 4-2 on the season with this win.  I know it's a homer thing to say, but they are really not that far away from being 6-0 on the season.  This win has to feel good for the Gophers, they were on the road playing with their backup QB in a B1G game against a favored team and pretty much dominated throughout.  Nice win Gophers!  Keep it going!


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AZ Tidbits

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda

This is one of the better SNL opening monologues that I've seen in awhile.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vikings 31, Texans 13

The Vikings improved to 5-0 on the season today with a 31-13 win over the Texans in Minneapolis.  Yet another impressive win by the Vikings.  Their defense is easily top 5 in the NFL right now (you could make a strong case for number 1 too).  Sam Bradford has been a godsend too, he's much more polished and accurate than Teddy Bridgewater ever was.  The big thing they need to worry about now is injuries as they are piling up, especially along the OL and at TE.  Outside of that, I love what I'm seeing from this team.  Keep it rolling Vikings!  Skol!