Saturday, February 6, 2016

AZ Tidbits

Friday, February 5, 2016

Carpool Karaoke

James Corden has a winner with his carpool karaoke bit.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

About Those Emails

Once again, they are causing an uproar.  My questions on this topic?
  • Where was the outrage when George W Bush destroyed millions of emails? 
  • Where was the outrage when Colin Powell destroyed his emails?  
  • Where was the outrage when Condoleezza Rice destroyed her emails
  • Where was the outrage when Jeb Bush destroyed his emails? 
  • Where was the outrage when Scott Walker used a private email server? 
  • Where was the outrage when Chris Christie used a private email account? 
  • Where was the outrage when Bobby Jindal used a private email account? 
  • Where was the outrage when Rick Perry used a private email server? 
  • Where was the outrage when Marco Rubio used a private email server? 
  • Where was the outrage when Trey Gowdy used a private email server? 
  • Where was the outrage when congress passed a rule excluding congress from saving emails? 
  • Where was the outrage when General Petraeus released classified emails?  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Presidential Field Update

Martin O'MalleyMike Huckabee, Rick Santorum & Rand Paul have ended their Presidential runs.  That leaves us with 11 candidates still in the running, 9 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

Here's how the remaining rank in my opinion (as far as their chances):

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Bernie Sanders

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. Ben Carson
  5. John Kasich
  6. Chris Christie
  7. Jeb Bush
  8. Carly Fiorina 
  9. Jim Gilmore

I like Martin O'Malley, he was a very good Governor and is a strong progressive voice.  It was a bad year for him to run though.  If a Republican somehow manages to win in 2016, I could see O'Malley running again in 2020.  Huckabee on the other hand I'm guessing is done with politics, his only base seems to be far right Evangelicals and that's not enough these days.  I'm guessing he's back on Fox News pronto.  There's really no room for Rand Paul's type of conservatism in today's Republican Party, I fully expect that he will be running again in the future though.  Santorum had his shot 4 years ago.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders in Iowa

Bernie Sanders did quite well in Iowa.  He gives a heckuva speech too.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Republican Presidential Primary

I opined about the Democratic Presidential primary a few days ago, so I think it only fair that I also opine a bit about the Republican Presidential primary.  First off, a disclaimer, and it should be pretty obvious if you have ever read my blog, I'm a lifelong registered Democrat, I have pretty low regard for most Republicans and the policies that they espouse, I just don't feel they benefit most Americans and further that they are the primary cause for many of the problems that the country now faces.  Republican voters are not happy with the Republican establishment either, they have been voting in Republican candidates for years now and they have accomplished very little of what they promised they'd do (granted, the far right wing media may have set some unrealistic expectations for them) and the anti-establishment furvor in the country right now is at a fever pitch.  That has led to the rise of anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Unfortunately, Trump and Cruz and the other anti-establishment candidates prescription to fix the country would just take us further to the right and that's a bad prescription for America.  It's really too bad some of these voters don't give Bernie Sanders a closer look, as IMO he's the only candidate outside of the establishment on either party that is proposing realistic solutions to our most glaring issues (inequality, campaign fiance, healthcare, climate change, sentencing reform, etc).

Back to the candidates, if I as a Democrat had to pick one to vote for, I'd probably go with Rand Paul, only because he would be the lesser of the other evils that are running.   He would at least push for sentencing reform, fight against the Patriot Act and not rush us into WWIII like some of the other candidates would.  That being said, the rest of his policies are pretty much to the far right and would not benefit most Americans.

I can see some of the appeal to Donald Trump to many on the right, they don't want to admit that the right wing policies have been the problem with their party, they just want to believe the issue is with the establishment.  I'm guessing they would be very underwhelmed by a Trump Presidency though if he were to be elected as his policies would no doubt be a disaster.

As a Democrat, best case scenario would be Ted Cruz winning the Republican Primary as he would no doubt be the easiest of all the Republican candidates for Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to beat.  Outside of the far right wing base, his popularity is abysmal, not too many people like him or think that he would be able to break through the gridlock that has crippled Washington.

Marco Rubio is probably the best chance for the remaining establishment candidates, but the far right still hold his fight for immigration reform against him, they also see his path to Presidency as too similar to that of the much hated and despised Barack Obama rise (i.e. young and charismatic but lacking in experience and accomplishments).    

Jeb Bush has got a ton of establishment support and donor money but I don't see him overcoming the fact that nobody seems to want a third Bush Presidency.  Add in his lack of charisma and uninspiring demeanor and you've got a loser of a candidate.  The anti-establishment furvor is also working against him.

For some reason, some people still like Chris Christie, they see him as a tough talking take no prisoners fighter for their ideals.  He's very unpopular in New Jersey though and you just should not be able to overlook the "bridgegate" scandal, it was really that deplorable.

If Republicans were smart, they'd throw their support behind John Kasich, he's really the only candidate with at least some track record of political success, he could technically be considered an outsider and he's pretty popular in what is considered a swing state.  Republicans are not that smart though so don't look for it to happen.

It's long past time that the likes of Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore to set aside their Presidential ambitions and clear the path for the eventual nominee.  I suspect all will drop out shortly after the New Hampshire primary.  

For the record, I suspect that Donald Trump will easily win the Iowa Caucus.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Democratic Presidential Primary

Democrats are down to 3 candidates to become their 2016 Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.   Any 3 of them would be better than any of the candidates that the Republicans are fielding.  As for which of the three I will vote for in the Presidential primary, I'm honestly still a bit conflicted.

Hillary Clinton seems to be the most qualified of any of the candidates (from either party) to become the next President of the United States.  She's highly educated, she has spent 8 years in the White House already (she know first hand the pressures of that office), she spent 8 years as a United States Senator, and she spent 5 years as the United States Secretary of State.  On the downside, her favorability ratings are fairly low and her ties to Wall Street are a bit concerning.  The demonization she has faced from the right over the years has been non-stop, whether criticisms of her are true or not (mostly not), they have taken a toll.

I've been a huge Bernie Sanders fan for years, I agree with him on most of the issues and I do think that we need a revolution to shake things up and get us back on the right path and that Bernie is probably the best candidate to do that.  Bernie has been campaigning for single payer healthcare, campaign finance reform, climate change legislation, sentencing reform, voting rights, drug legalization, affordable college, saving Social Security, and many other issues that I feel very strongly about.  He's also railed against income inequality, Citizens United, unfair trade deals, and the Oligarchs.  Those are all issues that today's Democrats value, Hillary Clinton seems by many to still be stuck in the 1990's.  Times change.  I could see some disaffected anti-establishment Republican voters supporting Sanders too once they hear his message and are faced with having Donald Trump as their candidate.  On the downside, there may be some concerns over how he'd handle the military and foreign policy in what has become some very dangerous times.  You also have to know that many Republicans would love to bludgeon him with the "Socialist" label.  Lastly, you have to ask how he would get any of his legislation passed in a time of such extreme partisan gridlock.

Martin O'Malley honestly would probably make the best Democratic candidate.  He's got legislative experience as Mayor of Baltimore and as Governor of Maryland.  He has a track record of success.  He passed same sex marriage legislation, gun control legislation, eliminated the death penalty and reduced crime in his time as Governor of Maryland.  He hasn't excited anyone though and he's not really someone who people would be racing out to the polling stations to vote for and that's probably too bad because he's a worthy candidate.

In summary, I will be voting for whichever of these 3 candidates is left standing come November.

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Xenia Deli

She's easy on the eyes.

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NFC Championship Game

Panthers 49, Cardinals 15

The Cardinals season came to a close today with a crushing 49-15 loss to the Panthers in the NFC Championship game.  The Panthers were clearly the better team in this game, it was a thorough thrashing, they deserve a trip to Super Bowl 50.   It was a fun season of watching the Cardinals though, at least up until this point, they were a highly entertaining bunch, so not all was lost.


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