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Apocalypse Tonight

Great recap of the Donald Trump acceptance speech by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine

It was hard to not be impressed with Tim Kaine's after his speech accepting the VP nomination.

He's certainly qualified to be Vice President (or President, if need be):
  • Harvard Graduate
  • Law Degree
  • Mayor of Richmond, Virginia
  • Governor of the State of Virginia
  • U.S. Senator from Virgina
  • Member of Senates Armed Services, Budget, Foreign Relations & Aging committees.  
In addition to above, he comes from a blue collar family, he comes from a swing state, he has served as the DNC Chairman, he's fluent in Spanish, he spent a year in Central America where he ran a vocational school for boys, he spent 17 years as a lawyer working on civil rights cases, he's lauded by labor & abortion rights groups, he took on the gun lobby, he's anti-death penalty, he's got universal respect in the Senate, and a record of achievement.  He just seems to connect with people from all walk's of life.  I really like this pick.

Now some of the far left would have preferred someone more to the left, but I think that would have been a bit shortsighted.   The 2 names I heard most often from the far left were Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown, but wouldn't you really rather have them working in the Senate than holding the mostly symbolic role of VP?   Both of them also come from states with Republican Governors and you'd better believe those Governors would appoint other Republicans to replace them, and in this day and age you just cannot give up a Senate seat if you want to get anything accomplished.

Listening to the speech, his optimistic outlook also presents quite a contrast to the doom and gloom of the Trump/Pence ticket.  Don't discount that, I think people want to be inspired not scared, they want to unite not divide, in the long run that approach tends to win out.   

AZ Tidbits

Friday, July 22, 2016

Jon Stewart on Late Night

I really miss John Stewart.

2016 RNC - Day 4

Day 4, the final day of the Republican National Convention was about introducing Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United State.

Day 4 Highlights:

If the purpose of this speech/convention was to scare people into voting for Donald Trump, they probably accomplished their agenda.  I'm not quite sure that is what America is looking for though, it was very dark and very short on specifics and really didn't convince me that he is fit to hold the most powerful office in the world.   

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Make America Fear Again

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

2016 RNC - Day 3

Day 3 of the RNC was about Make America First Again.  I'm not entirely sure what that even means, it wasn't really addressed either so it doesn't matter much.  It was also the opportunity for the RNC to showcase Mike Pence to the nation.

Day 3 Highlights:
What an odd convention.  The only thing people will remember about day 3 is Ted Cruz and the apparent disharmony between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  I don't see much of a post convention bounce for Donald Trump coming out of this convention.  The pressure for him to knock his speech out of the ballpark on Day 4 couldn't be greater at this point.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


2016 RNC - Day 2

Well it's now official, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Day 2 Highlights:
Again, much like day 1, I doubt that day 2 changed many minds about Donald Trump.  It was basically just read meat for the anti-Hillary Clinton crowd.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It was good to see the Stephen Colbert of old once again, even if only for one day.

2016 RNC - Day 1

I think that it's safe to say that day one of the RNC was an unmitigated disaster.

Day 1 Highlights:
I highly doubt they converted many fence sitters to jump on the Trump bandwagon.  

Samantha Bee on the RNC

She doesn't pull any punches.

The Case Against Donald Trump

Good read from Erick Ericson of all people:

"As Americans, we believe in ordered liberty – maximum freedom under a civil law that is minimal but clear, respected and well-enforced. We believe in equality of opportunity, and in a government which, without favoritism, lets opportunity thrive in abundance. We believe that religious and civic organizations, supported by strong families, are the bedrocks of a free society. We believe that for leaders of such a society, character really counts. And we believe that a strong national defense – great might backed by right, and always subservient to domestic law – is a necessary bulwark for that free society.
We are quite certain that Donald Trump does not hold those values, nor abide by them. Donald Trump is no lover of liberty. Donald Trump is no respecter of the law. And Donald Trump is certainly no man of character.
We believe that Mr. Trump is morally, experientially, temperamentally, attitudinally and philosophically unfit for the Oval Office. We do not believe he is emotionally stable; we do not believe he is personally decent; he appears to be neither principled nor even particularly competent. And we believe the record shows, and his unreleased tax returns would further demonstrate, that he is not even a big business success – aside, that is, from having proven abilities at product branding, and at being a successful reality-TV showman. Apart from those two skills, Trump has a serial record – to use one of his favorite words – of being a loser. . . .