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ASU Hires Bobby Hurley

I know it's old news by now, but I wanted to weigh in on Arizona State's hiring of Bobby Hurley as head basketball coach.   Like most, I have a few concerns, but overall I really like this hire.  They really needed to hire a hardworking young guy to re-energize the program and they seem to have gotten just that in Bobby Hurley.  He's got name recognition that will get him in the door with most recruits (or their parents at least), he comes from a legendary coaching family, he turned Buffalo's basketball fortunes around in short order, he's got that Duke pedigree and he seems to have a real passion for the game.  The reception he has received so far has been very positive and gives me a lot of hope for the program moving forward.  Not that aren't some concerns though.  He's only been a head coach for 2 years, his coaching success was in the MAC, and he's an east coast guy without a lot of west coast recruiting ties.  Overall though, I'm very happy with this hire, I didn't want another retread.  On a side note, hopefully he has already reached out to Marvin Bagley III and Markus Howard, those 2 would be really nice building blocks for Hurley.

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TeenyB does good work!

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TPSG Top 10 Movies of 1976

Continuing with my look at the best movies of years gone by.

Top 10 Movies of 1976:
  1. Rocky - Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
  2. Taxi Driver - Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster
  3. All the President's Men - Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford
  4. Network - Faye Dunaway, William Holden
  5. Marathon Man - Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier
  6. The Omen - Gregory Peck, Lee Remick
  7. The Bad News Bears - Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal
  8. King Kong - Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange
  9. The Outlaw Josey Wales - Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke
  10. The Enforcer - Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly
There is no way that "Rocky" doesn't make the top of this list, the original was easily the best of the series.  Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver" is unforgettable.  Redford and Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein tell a great story in "All the President's Men".  Who can ever forget that Peter Finch "I'm mad as hell" scene in "Network"?  Or the dentist scene in "Marathon Man"?  "The Omen" is one of my all time favorite horror films.  I loved "The Bad News Bears", it's a terrific baseball movie and loads of fun.  King Kong wasn't the only one crushing on Jessica Lange after the release of "King Kong".  "The Outlaw Josey Wales" is one of the better Western films that I've seen.  I loved those Dirty Harry Callahan movies of Clint Eastwood, and "The Enforcer" is no exception.

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AZ Tidbits

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Have you seen this?  This cop shot and killed an unarmed black man.  He shot him in the back, as he was running away.  Unbelievable.

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TPSG Randon Musings

  • As a single person, I often wonder what's better, being single or being in a relationship?  I miss the more frequent sex and the companionship of being in a relationship, but I also value my space and having room to do my own thing.  Some of my married friends seem envious of my freedoms too and would gladly change places with me.  It seems to be a case of the grass is always greener for both sides of the argument doesn't it?  
  • Why do they vote for the NCAA Basketball Coach of the Year before the season ends?  There is no doubt that John Calipari's Kentucky team had a great regular season, but the fact that Kentucky didn't even win the NCAA Championship IMO does seem to cast a pall over their season.  Fact is, Wisconsin's Bo Ryan did the best coaching job in the country this past season, he took a roster full of lightly recruited players and nearly turned them into a championship basketball team, there is no way he's not the Coach of the Year in college basketball.  
  • The Republican opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal is a bit puzzling to me.  Why do they refuse to let diplomacy work?  Did they learn nothing from Iraq and/or Afghanistan?  It's almost as if they want another war.  Perhaps, if it does come to war, they can have their kids fight it too.  
  • I hate the fucking zipper merge, it seems to give douchebags a license to wait until the very last second to cut you off in traffic.  I know the desired intent is to keep traffic moving smoothly but it still pisses me off.  Does cutting people off in line at a club or some other venue keeps those lines moving more smoothly?  Nope!  
  • Was there really a huge public clamoring for another Paul Blart movie?  Or another Joe Dirt movie?  C'mon people, some sequels just don't need to be made.   And Adam Sandler, could you please find some new writers, I can count on one finger the number of good movies you've done in the 2000's.  
  • It makes me laugh when I hear right wing pundits claim that all of the recent religious liberty laws aren't about legalizing discrimination.  What would be the point of passing them then?  They would serve no value to anyone if that wasn't their intent.  Do we really want to live in a society where people can impose their religious beliefs onto others?   Separation of church and state should be the ambition of all politicians.  
  • I recently saw "Whiplash" and "Nightcrawler" on DVD, I loved them both, J.K. Simmons and Jake Gyllenhaal are both terrific and very worthy of all of the praise they received for these films.  I highly recommend both, do yourself a favor and see both of them pronto!    
  • The Timberwolves tanking continues, on the bright side, I'm guess they no longer have to worry about falling below the fourth overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft.  If I'm the Wolves, I'd rank the Top 4 NBA draft prospects as follows:  1) Jahil Okafor-Duke, 2) Karl Towns-Kentucky, 3) Emanuel Mudiay-Intl & 4) DeAngelo Russell-Ohio State.  Any of those 4 would help, hopefully they can add Okafor or Towns though as they could use another big body.  

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TPSG 2015 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

As NFL free agency continues to shake out and the draft gets closer it seems like a good time to update my 2015 NFL Mock Draft.  So, here goes with version 4.0:
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jameis Winston - QB - Florida State
  2. Tennessee Titans - Leonard Williams - DT - USC
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dante Fowler Jr - LB - Florida  
  4. Oakland Raiders - Kevin White - WR - West Virginia
  5. Washington Redskins - Vic Beasley - LB - Clemson
  6. New York Jets - Marcus Mariotta - QB - Oregon
  7. Chicago Bears - Danny Shelton - DT -  Washington 
  8. Atlanta Falcons - Shane Ray - DE - Missouri
  9. New York Giants - Brandon Scherff - OT - Iowa
  10. St Louis Rams - La'el Collins - OT - LSU 
  11. Minnesota Vikings - Amari Cooper - WR - Alabama
  12. Cleveland Browns - DeVante Parker - WR - Louisville
  13. New Orleans Saints - Randy Gregory - DE - Nebraska
  14. Miami Dolphins - Dorial Green-Beckham - WR - Oklahoma
  15. San Francisco 49ers - Arik Armstead - DT - Oregon
  16. Houston Texans - Trea Waynes - CB - Michigan State
  17. San Diego Chargers - Todd Gurley - RB - Georgia
  18. Kansas City Chiefs - Cameron Erving - OT - Florida State
  19. Cleveland Browns - Malcom Brown - DT - Texas
  20. Philadelphia Eagles - Landon Collins - DB - Alabama
  21. Cincinnati Bengals - Andres Peat - OT - Stanford
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marcus Peters - CB - Washington
  23. Detroit Lions - Ereck Flowers - OT - Miami 
  24. Arizona Cardinals - Bud Dupree - OLB - Kentucky
  25. Carolina Panthers - D.J. Humphries - OT - Florida
  26. Baltimore Ravens - Jalen Strong - WR - Arizona State
  27. Dallas Cowboys - Kevin Johnson - CB - Wake Forest
  28. Denver Broncos - Maxx Williams - TE - Minnesota
  29. Indianapolis Colts - Jordan Phillips - DT - Oklahoma
  30. Green Bay Packers - Benardrick McKinney - ILB - Mississippi State
  31. New Orleans Saints - Jalen Collins - CB - LSU 
  32. New England Patriots - Eddie Goldman - DT - Florida State
Jameis Winston still looks like a lock at number one overall.

Randy Gregory's drug issues have become the big wildcard of this draft.  How far will he fall? 

I can see the Vikings going a number of directions, if Amari Cooper falls to them (see above) I think they'd have a hard time passing on him.  Chances are that won't happen though, in that case I could see them taking Brandon Scherff, La'el Collins or Trea Waynes.  I wouldn't be shocked if the Vikings trade down either.

The Cardinals continue to have me guessing, I suspect that they are leaning edge pass rusher or CB though, with RB also being an option.  

Previous Versions:  1.02.0 & 3.0

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John Oliver on Municipal Violations

As if we needed further proof that our system is broken.

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