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TPSG 2017 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

The NFL Draft starts on Thursday so it seems like a great time to post my updated NFL mock draft.

Here goes:
  1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett - DE - Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco 49ers - Solomon Thomas - DE - Stanford 
  3. Chicago Bears - Jamal Adams - DB - LSU
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU 
  5. Tennessee Titans - Marshon Lattimore - CB - Ohio State
  6. New York Jets - Mitchell Trubisky - QB - North Carolina 
  7. Los Angeles Chargers - Malik Hooker - CB - Ohio State 
  8. Carolina Panthers - Christian McCaffrey - RB - Stanford  
  9. Cincinnati Bengals - Jonathan Allen - DE - Alabama 
  10. Buffalo Bills - O.J. Howard - TE - Alabama 
  11. New Orleans Saints - Haason Reddick - LB - Temple 
  12. Cleveland Browns - Deshaun Watson - QB - Clemson 
  13. Arizona Cardinals - Corey Davis - WR - Western Michigan 
  14. Philadelphia Eagles - Tre'Davious White - CB - LSU 
  15. Indianapolis Colts - Reuben Foster - LB - Alabama
  16. Baltimore Ravens - Derek Barnett - DE - Tennessee 
  17. Washington Redskins - Dalvin Cook - RB - Florida State 
  18. Tennessee Titans - Mike Williams - WR - Clemson 
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Budda Baker - DB - Washington 
  20. Denver Broncos - Ryan Ramczyk - OT - Wisconsin 
  21. Detroit Lions - Taco Charlton - DE - Michigan 
  22. Miami Dolphins - Forrest Lamp - OT - Western Kentucky 
  23. New York Giants - David Njoku - TE - Miami 
  24. Oakland Raiders - Gareon Conley - CB - Ohio State 
  25. Houston Texans - Patrick Mahomes - QB - Texas Tech 
  26. Seattle Seahawks - Garett Bolles - OT - Utah 
  27. Kansas City Chiefs - Zach Cunningham - LB - Vanderbilt
  28. Dallas Cowboys - Charles Harris - DE - Missouri 
  29. Green Bay Packers - T.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin 
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marlon Humphrey - CB - Alabama 
  31. Atlanta Falcons - Takkarist McKinley - OLB - UCLA 
  32. New Orleans Saints - Adoree Jackson - CB - USC 
I think there is a lot of subterfuge going on by the Browns regarding their interest in selecting Mitch Trubisky at the number 1 overall pick.  More likely, they are trying to entice someone into giving up a bundle to move into that number 1 spot.  I doubt that anyone bites and I fully expect that Myles Garrett will go the Browns at number 1 and that the Browns will select a QB at the number 12 slot, or maybe trade up from that number 12 slot to get a QB.

I think the Cardinals may also be playing that same gambit.  I know they'd love to pick up their QB of the future in this draft, I'm just not convinced that they feel any of the QB's are worth the number 13 pick of the draft.  Down here in AZ, I keep hearing a lot of steam around Haason Riddick.  I think Corey Davis or Mike Williams would make a lot of sense for them too.  Gareon Conley is another name to keep an eye on.  If Rueben Foster falls to them too, that would give them something else to think about, although personally I think I'd pass on him given all the red flags popping up on him.

The Vikings still don't own a number 1 draft pick and I don't expect them to trade up.  If they were to trade up though, I suspect they'd be targeting an interior OL like Forrest Lamp.  In round 2, I'm thinking they look at DT's like Caleb Brantley or Malik McDowell.  If Cam Robinson falls to them he'd be an interesting possibility too.  Pat Elflein is another player I like a lot for the Vikings (although possibly in round 3 not 2).  I suspect they pick a mid round RB too (watch for Joe Mixon, Kareem Hunt or Samajae Perine).  

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SNL Cold Open

I just cannot get enough of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump!

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TPSG 2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

I think it's time that I post my first 2017 NFL Mock Draft.  Here goes:
  1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett - DE - Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco 49ers - Solomon Thomas - DE - Stanford
  3. Chicago Bears - Jonathan Allen - DE - Alabama 
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU 
  5. Tennessee Titans - Marshon Lattimore - CB - Ohio State
  6. New York Jets - Jamal Adams - DB - LSU
  7. Los Angeles Chargers - Malik Hooker - DB - Ohio State
  8. Carolina Panthers - O.J. Howard - TE - Alabama
  9. Cincinnati Bengals - Reuben Foster - LB - Alabama
  10. Buffalo Bills - Corey Davis - WR - Western Michigan
  11. New Orleans Saints - Derek Barnett - DE - Tennessee 
  12. Cleveland Browns - Mitch Trubisky - QB - North Carolina
  13. Arizona Cardinals - Patrick Mahomes - QB - Texas Tech
  14. Philadelphia Eagles - Gareon Conley - CB - Ohio State
  15. Indianapolis Colts - Ryan Ramczyk - OT - Wisconsin
  16. Baltimore Ravens -  Mike Williams - WR - Syracuse
  17. Washington Redskins - Jabrill Peppers - DB - Michigan
  18. Tennessee Titans - John Ross - WR - Washington
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cam Robinson - OT - Alabama
  20. Denver Broncos - Garett Bolles - OT - Utah
  21. Detroit Lions - Haason Reddick - DE - Temple 
  22. Miami Dolphins - Forrest Lamp - OG - Western Kentucky
  23. New York Giants - David Njoku - TE - Miami 
  24. Oakland Raiders - Marlon Humphrey - CB - Alabama
  25. Houston Texans - Taylor Moton - OT - Western Michigan
  26. Seattle Seahawks - Kevin King - CB - Washington
  27. Kansas City Chiefs - Dalvin Cook - RB - Florida State
  28. Dallas Cowboys - Taco Charlton - DE - Michigan
  29. Green Bay Packers - Christian McCaffrey - RB - Stanford
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Obi Melifonwu - SS - Connecticut
  31. Atlanta Falcons - TJ Watt - LB - Wisconsin 
  32. New Orleans Saints - Tre'Davious White - CB - LSU
If anyone but Myles Garrett goes number 1 overall, there is something seriously wrong going on.

I'm not entirely convinced that the Cardinals will take a QB at number 13 overall, they really do need to find their QB of the future soon though (as I suspect that this will be Carson Palmer's last season).  Mike Williams or Corey Davis would be tough to pass on though if either falls to number 13 (as I also suspect that this will be Larry Fitzgerald's last season).  I have heard they are also very high on defenders like Reuben Foster, Marshon Lattimore, Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams (I suspect that none will be around by the time the Cardinals are selecting though).  A dark horse name to keep an eye on for the Cardinals is Hasson Reddick, he's flying up the draft boards and the Cardinals would really like to get younger and more athletic on defense.

As a Vikings fan, I'd be remiss if I didn't throw in a pick for them too (even though they don't select until round 2).  My thoughts, they will be looking heavily at interior OL, RB's and DT's at this point.  Names to keep an eye on include Joe Mixon, Forrest Lamp, Malik McDowell & Caleb Brantley.  With the questions about Sharrif Floyd's health, I wouldn't be surprised if Brantley is the pick (if he's available). 

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John Oliver on Putin

There is apparently very good money in being a Russian dictator.

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Trump Sachs

Remember that time Ted Cruz debated Donald Trump supporters about Wall Street?

I wonder what those Donald Trump supporters are thinking now?

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2017 All MN NCAA Basketball Team

Here's my All-Minnesota Basketball teams for 2017.  Last year was a bit of a down year but it's trending upwards once again. I think this would be a pretty formidable team.

C-Reggie Lynch-Minnesota-Edina, MN (JR)
PF-Reid Travis-Stanford-Minneapolis, MN (JR)
SF-Amir Coffey-Minnesota-Hopkins, MN (FR)
OG-Marcus Marshall-Nevada-St Paul, MN (SR)
PG-Siyani Chambers-Harvard-Golden Valley, MN (SR)

C-Reed Nikko-Missouri-Maple Grove, MN (FR)
PF-Kyle Washington-Cincinnati-Champlin, MN (JR)
SF-Michael Hurt-Minnesota-Rochester, MN (FR)
OG-J.P. Macura-Xavier-Lakeview, MN (JR)
PG-Marshawn Wilson-Northern Illinois-Oakdale, MN (SO)

Previous Years: 201620152014201320122011

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SNL on Sean Spicer

In fairness to Sean Spicer, it cannot be an easy job being the face of Donald Trump policies.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Statue of Liberty

"Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breath free, 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. 
I lift me lamp besides the golden door."

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Susan Rice

I trust Susan Rice's opinion on this topic.

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Samantha Bee on Women's March

Perhaps Samantha Bee should be on nightly.

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George Orwell

From 1984:

"The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. "
"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth."